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FACE PROTECTION HELMET XH 1.0 is a reusable accessory product. For individual face and upper respiratory tract protection. It protects against direct contact with the exhaled air of another person. It also protects the face and mouth from direct contact with the hands. It practically eliminates the involuntary contact of the hands with the nose, mouth and eyes.

HELMET XH 1.0 – protective on the face

The visor glass is made of a strong PET-G 0.7mm material with crystal transparency. The material is certified and approved for contact with food and meets the highest EU standards. The material which the glass is made of meets the following EU standards: 82/711 EEC, 85/572 EEC, 90/128 / EEC, 93/9 / EEC, 2002/72 EC, FDA and BGA. The mask glass can be always cleaned and disinfected with alcohol-based fluids. At the point of contact with the forehead the mask is equipped with a 6mm thick foam strip, which results in a perfect fit to the shape of the head and no possibility of grazing at the contact point of the mask with the skin.



The highest quality of transparency

We guarantee

and sterility


In our factory each glass pane and construction elements are coated on both sides with a protective foil which is affected only in the mounting spots at the corners.



We deliver the product packed flat. Installation requires tightening two plastic screws included in the kit without any tools.



Our products are entirely produced in Poland. We support the activities of Polish enterprises. Polish technologies and the local labor market of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.


FACE PROTECTION HELMET XH 1.0 is used by applying a complete visor without a protective foil to the head after adjusting its size to the head circumference. The visor can be adjusted by regulating the rubber ribbon and placing the hook in the appropriate hole. Make sure the visor pane is clean and has no visible mechanical damage.

The helmet should not be used if it has been mechanically damaged, e.g. cracked glass, scratches or damage to the helmet attachment elements.

HELMET XH 1.0 – protective on the face PET-G

FACE PROTECTION HELMET XH 1.0 is available in direct sales and wholesale. Orders of the above-offered sets require direct contact with our sales department. Please be advised that, according to the Minister of Health’s announcement from March 10 2020, some goods cannot be exported outside of the Republic of Poland territory. The goods in our offer may belong to this group.